Luke Warm Jedi

Welcome back everyone! Over the last two weeks I have been discussing how the Battle of Yavin impacted the Star Wars galaxy. I have been focused on the Empire, looking at how Imperial leadership was impacted and discussing the beginning of Darth Vader’s removal from his master. This week, I want to shift gears and […]

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Darth Vader: Strong in the Shady Side

Last week I wrote about how the destruction of the Death Star impacted Imperial leadership, which perfectly paves the way into this week’s discussion of Darth Vader’s independent actions that take place directly following the events of A New Hope. Again, this focuses mainly on content from Marvel’s Darth Vader series issues 1-15. Background Last […]

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A Bruised Empire

Last week I discussed how Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope sets up the Star Wars galaxy during the Galactic Civil War Era. For this post I want to talk about how the Empire changed after the first major Rebel Alliance victory. Most of this comes from the Marvel Darth Vader comic series issues […]

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