The Pull of the Dark Side

Hey everyone and welcome to the Sarlacc Pit. One of the reasons I started this blog was to discuss questions that people had about things in Star Wars canon (so if you have any questions you should post them in the comments section). A while back, I was having a Star Wars conversation with my […]

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Use the Force, Leia?

Hey everyone and welcome to the Sarlacc Pit. One of my favorite characters in Star Wars canon is Princess Leia. She’s strong, independent, intelligent, and has no problem leading a rebellion, flying a starfighter, or shooting a stormtrooper. What often catches my attention, however, is her strength in the Force.Many people tend to forget┬áthat Leia […]

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Galactic Geography

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sarlacc Pit! This week I am going to give a geography lesson on the Star Wars galaxy. While I’m sure that geography is probably not the correct term to use while talking about a galaxy, I’m going to use it anyways (mostly because I do not know what the […]

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