Featured Aliens of the Star Wars Galaxy

Hello sentients! Welcome to The Sarlacc Pit! Throughout the Star Wars franchise there are a multitude of non-human lifeforms of varying degrees of sentience. While it is ridiculous to call these beings “aliens,” as anyone not living on their planet of origin is by definition an alien, they are commonly referred to as such. While their is a large amount of information about many of these aliens, casual movie watchers may not know much more than their appearance. So this week, I am going to discuss ten of the most recognizable featured sentient alien species in the Star Wars franchise. This will go in no real order and will be pretty spoiler-free. So enjoy!



Homeworld: Kashyyyk (Mid Rim)

Notable Member: Chewbacca

Languages: Shyriiwook (most common), Thykarann, Xaczik

Wookiees were tall hairy humanoids from the tree-covered planet Kashyyyk.. Their vocal cords limited Wookiee languages to guttural roars and growls, preventing them from speaking Basic and making their languages very difficult for non-Wookiees to use. Although they had a fierce temperament, Wookiees were regarded as highly intelligent and sophisticated, and their society placed a high value on loyalty and courage. Wookiee warriors commonly used handmade bowcasters as their weapons of choice. Furthermore, Wookiees had a very long lifespan, even able to live for centuries before showing any signs of aging.



Homeworld: Rodia (Outer Rim Territories)

Notable Member: Greedo

Language: Rodian

Rodians were scaly, green-skinned humanoids from the swampy planet of Rodia (which smelled terrible to humans). They had large pointed ears, a slender snout, large eyes, and saucer-shaped antennae that could sense vibrations in the air. They were known to be excellent trackers and many worked as bounty hunters. Rodian hands had five fingers that ended in suction cups, causing tools and weapons made for Rodians to be difficult for non-Rodians to use. While Rodians were oxygen-breathers, they could also breathe in atmospheres with high concnetrations of the poisonous gas Clouzon-36 without respirators.


Ok, Bib Fortuna is a gross example, but he is a Twi’lek

Homeworld: Ryloth (Outer Rim Territories)

Notable Member: Bib Fortuna

Language: Twi’leki

Twi’leks were a species of humanoids of various colors from the planet Ryloth. Their most notable feature was the presence of two prehensile tentacles on the backs of their heads known as lekku or head tails. These lekku were used in their native language as a way to add supplemental sign language, allowing whole concepts to be communicated without any vocal pronunciations. Twi’lek females were considered especially beautiful and graceful, and often winded up as slaves. Twi’lek slaves were so prevalent, that Twi’leks could often go unnoticed in many areas, a trait that made this species excellent spies and infiltrators.



Homeworlds: Iridonia (Mid-Rim), Dathomir (Outer Rim Territories)

Notable Member: Darth Maul

Language: Zabraki

Zabraks were near-humans notable by the presence of small horns that protuded from their heads and two hearts. Their skin tones varied, but most Zabrak were given body-covering traditional tattoos. While most Zabrak were from the planet Iridonia, a sub-species of Zabrak, Dathomirian (Zabrak/Human hybrids such as Darth Maul), lived on the planet Dathomir. These Dathomirian Zabraks were known as the Nightsisters (hornless females who were known for their use of dark side magic), and Nightbrothers (warrior males bred by the Nightsisters). Zabraks were known to be proud, determined, and arrogant.



Homeworld: Nal Hutta (Outer Rim Territories)

Notable Member: Jabba Desilijic Tiure

Language: Huttese

Hutts were massive (typically obese), slug-like creatures with large mouths and small arms. Hutts came from the warm, greasy, fetid, sauna-like planet Nal Hutta, located in an area known as Hutt Space. Hutts were notorious gangsters, and the Hutt Clan crime syndicate was controlled by the Grand Hutt Council. The Hutts controlled many criminal enterprises such as spice smuggling, gambling, and slavery. The Hutts could live for centuries and grow to massive sizes, but when they were first born they were little Huttlets, less than a meter in size (and they stayed this way for at least 15 years). The Hutts dominated many planets and sentient species, including Twi’leks and Niktos. Clothing was optional in Hutt society, but many decorated themselves with clothing, tattoos, or live animals as hairpieces (Sha’rellian toops).



Homeworld: Sullust (Outer Rim Territories)

Notable Member: Nien Nunb

Sullustans were humanoids with large eyes and ears and two flaps surrounding their mouths. They were known as experts in economics, manufacturing, engineering, and technological development, as the SoroSuub Corporation, one of the best-known tech companies in the galaxy, was located on Sullust. Sullustans also had very well-developed senses, and made excellent spies and observers.



Homeworld: Trandosha (Mid Rim)

Notable Member: Bossk

Trandoshans were large bipedal reptilian humanoids renowned as great hunters. Trandoshan society revolved around the thrill of the hunt, and many went on hunting expeditions on the verdant moon of Wasska for coming of age rituals. Trandosha was located in the same star system as Kashyyyk, and the Trandoshans and Wookiees were fierce rivals, with some Trandoshans even going as far to capture Wookiees to hunt for sport.



Homeworld: Naboo (Mid Rim)

Notable Member: Jar Jar Binks

Language: Gunganese

I almost went an entire year without featuring Jar Jar Binks’ stupid face on my blog, but here were are, and here it is. Gungans were an amphibious species which lived in massive underwater cities in the large lakes of Naboo. Gungans were tall, strong, and flexible with large lungs which allowed for long distance swimming. Gungans also possessed a long, strong tongue which allowed them to scoop up mollusks and lesser amphibians from the swamps they lived in. They were split into two subspecies: the lanky Otolla race with prominent bills and stalked eyes, and the stout Ankura race, with a shorter bill and hooded eyes. Gungans were often dismissed as primitive, but had advanced technology that worked in harmony with their environment.



Homeworld: Neimoidia (Colonies), The Purse Worlds (Colonies)

Notable Member: Nute Gunray

Neimoidians were humanoids with noseless faces, grey-green skin, and large red-orange eyes. While their original homeworld was Neimoidia, they also colonized a group of planets called The Purse Worlds, which included Cato Neimoidia. Before taking their adult forms, Neimoidians spent the first seven years of their lives raised in hives as grubs, where they had to compete over a limited food supply. Only those that hoarded the most food survived, which meant that as adults Neimoidians were known for their greed. They were known for their business skills and often dressed in elaborate clothes. Neimoidians had no qualms about enslaving sentient species, as they gave office drones of their own species limited diets to keep them in the grub stage. They would often encourage competitiveness between two groups of office drones where the winning group could eat the losing group.


I bet you hear the cantina music in your head right now,

Homeworld: Clak’dor VII

Notable Members: Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes

Bith were a peaceful and intelligent species from Clak’dor VII. They had large, hairless heads, and large, lidless black eyes that could not shed tears. Bith were often engineers, scientists, or musicians and their dual brains could allow extremely complicated thought processes. They had very sensitive hearing, and sonic grenades could actually make their heads explode. While not much of them is known in current canon, Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes is the best cantina band in the galaxy and if you don’t agree then you can leave.


Here we have a breakdown of ten of the most recognizable alien species in the Star Wars universe. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and you can expect more posts about different alien species in the future. While I have given an extensive look at troopers (including clones and stormtroopers) throughout Star Wars history, next week I am going to explain why I believe that “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” is the best movie in the Star Wars franchise. Finally, while I plan to wait to discuss this movie, thus giving everyone ample time to go see it in theaters, I highly recommend “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. It is a fantastic movie and a great addition to the franchise! Thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you!


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