Update Post: Star Wars: Battlefront II: Resurrection

Hey everyone and welcome back to the Sarlacc Pit. I realize that I missed last week, but I was out of town doing some field work and completely forgot to post! I apologize for my absence! Anyways, a few months ago I released a post about the story line of EA’s highly controversial new Star Wars video game “Star Wars: Battlefront II.” I mentioned that one detractor from the game was that the story mode was extremely short, so you can imagine how excited I was when EA announced that they would be releasing more chapters for their story mode in their first update, “Resurrection,” which would pick up right after the death of Del Meeko, which occurred just before the events of “The Force Awakens.” This week, I’m going to fill you in on the remainder of the Battlefront II story line, and give you a final review of the video game’s story mode now that it seems to be complete. As usual, this post will be super spoiler-rific, so read at your own risk!


“You see, Iden, I hope you appreciate that today, of all days, I chose to be here with you, in the place where you took everything from me.” – Gideon Hask, “Star Wars: Battlefront II”

So at the end of the original story, it was revealed that Gideon Hask, formerly of the Imperial Inferno Squadron and thought to have been killed during the battle of Jakku had survived and joined the First Order. The story ended with him killing Del Meeko, also a former member of Inferno Squadron and husband to Iden Versio. Hask left Meeko’s ship, the Corvus for Versio to find, eventually leading her to Hask.

Battlefront 2 DLC
(From left to right) Zay, Iden, and Shriv. In this DLC, players get to play as old lady Iden!

Versio, apparently having been out of the military game since Jakku, spent her days doing some vague work that for some reason involved training her daughter, Zay, how to fly an X-Wing. It’s unclear what she had been doing for the past thirty years, but it is clear that she had not joined the Resistance (so why she was flying around in an X-Wing is unclear, but canonically X-Wings had become popular with civilians after the fall of the Empire).

Versio was contacted by a friend during her time with the Rebellion, Shriv, who was at this point working under General Leia Organa with the Resistance. Iden, Zay, and Shriv all meet, where Shriv tells Iden of Meeko’s death, indicating that it was somehow connected to a First Order project titled “Resurrection,” which the Resistance believed involved kidnapping children to be trained as stormtroopers.

Iden, blaming herself for not joining the Resistance sooner, joins Shriv on his investigation, which eventually leads back to her homeworld of Vardos. It is here that she comes face to face again with Gideon Hask, who informs her that Hosnian Prime and the New Republic Senate have been destroyed by the First Order (remember, from the movie?). Hask then destroyed the Corvus (which is a bummer because that was a dope ship) and orders his troopers to kill her. Since Iden is the main character, she survives and is miraculously reunited with Zay who had escaped the ship in an escape pod (RIP to everyone else on that ship). It is here that Iden tells Zay that her father is dead, and the mother-daughter pair team up with Shriv to help the Resistance (but mostly to get revenge).

Iden, Zay, and Shriv are able to board Hask’s Star Destroyer, where they are able to use Iden’s very cool droid to slice (which is Star Wars for “hack”) into the First Order database, finding the details to Project: Resurrection, including the kidnapping of thousands of children, the construction of capital ships in the Unknown Regions, and the plans for a First Order Dreadnought (which are later used by Poe Dameron to destroy said Dreadnought at the beginning of “The Last Jedi”). After obtaining this information, Versio and Hask come face to face once again while Iden and Zay plant detonators around the ship’s hyperdrive. Their confrontation results in Hask’s death and Iden being fatally wounded. She survives long enough for a dramatic goodbye to her daughter, who escapes with Shriv just in time to randomly watch Starkiller Base be destroyed.

The story ends with Shriv and Zay arriving at D’Qar just as the Resistance is rushing to leave. They give General Organa the information on Project: Resurrection, and then leave under Leia’s orders to find help for the Resistance.


So, I originally gave the game a 3/5, however, after sitting on it for some time I think I would give the story mode a 2/5 for it’s lack of replayability. The extra DLC did nothing to improve or lower the score. Honestly, if you weren’t interested in the original game, the Resurrection story line is not really enough to draw in new players. It really felt more of a way to build hype for “The Last Jedi” than anything. It was cool to see how Poe Dameron and the Resistance knew the points to target to bring down the First Order dreadnought, but other than that, it was just more of the same story. I will say this though, the multiplayer stuff is pretty entertaining, especially if you have a fun group of players to play with. So if you’re into first person shooters and love Star Wars, this is not a bad game to pick up.


That’s all for this week! Once again, we are now a bi-weekly blog, so the next post will be out in two weeks. For the next post I’m going to talk a little bit about the weird stuff you can see in Marvel’s Doctor Aphra series! As always, thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you!


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